Community Ties

Community Ties

Many people wouldn’t think to make a link between cryptocurrency and coffee, and why would they? The fact of the matter is that one is a delicious drink that billions of people around the world enjoy throughout their day, and the other is a digital currency with what can be a roller coaster ride-like experience, what could these two things possibly have in common? Well, more than you think, starting with the communities around both of these things. 


friends drinking coffee


See, coffee, while also enjoyed alone, has also historically been a reason for people to come together. In ancient times people would gather together at the end of the day to enjoy coffee together and share stories, experiences, and discuss their lives and communities. It was then and still is today a mainstay of a social experience. Coffee dates, coffee breaks, there’s always a reason to enjoy coffee with someone else. In fact, the majority of first dates between adults is usually over a coffee somewhere in a coffee house. The reason for this is the calming nature of a nice warm cup of coffee (sounds counterintuitive given the caffeine, right? well it’s not). Coffee calms you, helps you open up, experience a comfortable and relaxing conversation. Many of the world’s leading scholars throughout history have invented amazing things while having discussions over coffee.


Elon Musk Dogecoin


Cryptocurrency also brings people together in tight knit hard forged communities. In the crypto world, whether it’s bitcoin vs ethereum, or solana vs cardano, or XLM vs XRP, communities form to rally behind their favorite projects. The Dogecoin community became one of the fastest growing and tightest communities around the world, with supporters as prominent as Elon Musk being a stalwart of the cryptocurrency’s value in the overall space. Shiba Inu, another memecoin developed just as strong a following. Look no further than Twitter to discover amazing communities of supporters who rally behind their favorite token or coin regardless of whether the market conditions have dropped its value or increased it. 


Like inventors who have had their brightest ideas in discussion with other inventors over coffee, some of the crypto communities out there have taken their favorite projects to entirely new levels. NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) for example sprang up built on the ethereum blockchain first making digital images (art) worth hundreds of thousands of dollars apiece, look no further than Bored Ape Yacht Club or Cryptopunks for evidence of their success. As the NFT world began to blossom, other chains jumped on board, with Solana, Polygon, BSC, and Cronos communities building their very own NFT collections off of their favorite blockchains. 

The point is, in this life, it’s all about community and the connections you make along the way, and we believe that in merging these two worlds we can bring even more people together, maybe even introduce a few people to the world of crypto through our premium small batch production coffee. All you need to do to let an idea flourish is to plant the seed and water it, from there you’ll grow a beautiful CryptoBean!

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