Monday morning, you wake up and head to the kitchen to turn your coffee machine on. While it warms up you open your phone, open Coinbase, Binance,, and check the prices of cryptocurrencies that you’re holding. Did they see positive gains? Are they in the red? “2% in the green, not a bad start!” you think to yourself while you think about moving some ethereum over to bitcoin, or maybe doubling down on your position in ripple, but for now the coffee machine is warmed up and ready to go. You grab a pod and drop it in the machine and press the large cup size. The sweet smell of that first coffee of the day fills the room, it’s a decent start to the day.


    Cryptocurrency and it’s adoption is becoming commonplace in the daily lives of hundreds of millions of people around the world. It’s amazing how far we’ve come from the alleyways of the dark web when people were buying and selling things you couldn’t (and shouldn’t) find at your local corner store or Home Depot. Some person named Satoshi came in and changed everything with the creation of bitcoin and now everybody and their mother knows about cryptocurrency. In fact, statistics show that in 2021 alone over 300 million people and 18,000 businesses were involved in the buying, selling, and using of cryptocurrencies. Companies like Coinbase and have made it increasingly easier to not only buy and sell cryptocurrencies, but use them in everyday life as well through branded credit cards that operate like debit cards with your crypto. 


    It’s not just the credit-debit cards though, thousands of businesses have adopted the transfer of goods and services using cryptocurrencies. Companies like Tesla, individual pharmacies, and our company, allow you to use your cryptocurrency for everyday things. Politicians, Athletes, Executives, there have been many cases of high profile individuals even accepting portions of their salary in crypto. The world is changing and becoming more in tune with technology, this includes the new technology of cryptocurrency. You can buy a car, a house, medication, and even gourmet small batch production coffee with cryptocurrency, allows you to choose from three phenomenal crypto themed blends (with more on the way) and accepts over 100 different cryptocurrencies as payment! It really is an amazing thing.


    The best part is that we are definitely still early. This is just the tip of the iceberg for where this movement is likely to go. CryptoBeans Coffee Company is definitely here for it! There’s a saying in the crypto world, “WAGMI” (We’re All Gonna Make It), and we couldn’t be more sure of that. Ah man, you’ve spent so much time reading our post that you forgot to finish that sweet coffee! 


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