The Future Is Now!

The Future Is Now!

The Future Is Now

Not too long-ago Bitcoin was viewed by the wider public as the currency that criminals used on the dark web. I personally remember hearing this and believing it myself as well. Think about it, some weird dude named Satoshi creates a digital currency and the only way to really get it was jumping through hoops in the nether regions of the internet. I think for most of us who remember the early 2010’s as adults or young adults, this was the understanding we had. We couldn’t have been more wrong, and at the time a select few understood what this creation could do to truly turn the page on the next generation of global finance. Satoshi shook the entire world, whether he realized it or not at the time. 

Fast forward to today, 2022; we are firmly entrenched in the Bitcoin era. I say the Bitcoin era loosely, as other blockchains have become powerhouses in the space in their own regard. Ethereum, Solana, Cronos, Cosmos, BSC, Stellar Lumens, Ripple, Cardano, the list goes on and on. Ethereum in particular is commonly observed as the Prince in the space, having a robust and powerful ecosystem that most projects choose to build off of. Now, before you go and Google “0.1 Eth to USD”, or “how many ethereum are there”, maybe start with “Ethereum for Dummies”! Blockchain technology is A LOT to understand, but you don’t need to be a coder or technology wiz to understand that cryptocurrency is changing the world at a rapid pace. 

So where do you start? Honestly that’s a hard question in and of itself! I would say that the safest way is to begin as easy as you can. The same way you’d google “breakfast blend vs medium roast” to figure out what the differences between the two are, start by trying to understand who are the major players in the space right now. You should always start with projects that are established and well known, that have a history in the market. Playing it safe to start is always a good strategy, many fortunes have been lost gambling on fly by night tokens and rug pull projects, but at the same time, many fortunes have been made by taking the gamble on “memecoins” like Shiba Inu or Dogecoin. 

It really is a lot to take in isn’t it? Here’s my advice, take some time to learn. Pour yourself a premium coffee from a small batch coffee roaster (cough cough - CryptoBeans Coffee Co.) and start by doing some research on where you can begin your crypto journey. Coinbase vs, Bitcoin vs Ethereum, XRP vs XLM, there’s a lot to learn, but thankfully we have time. In fact, I think we’re all still super early. 


(We’re All Gonna Make It)

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