The History of Coffee

The History of Coffee

The world loves coffee, it’s become a staple of our everyday lives and has been for centuries, but do you know where it all started? 

Where it all began

Coffee as we know it today can trace it’s roots back to Ethiopia. As far as history shows, the Ethiopian Plateau was lush with coffee forests, but it wasn’t until a goat herder by the name of Kaldi realized the potential of these berries that it would become something the world knows and loves. Kaldi fed his goats the berries, and after noticing how energetic the goats became Kaldi presented the information to the Abbot of a local ancient Christian Monastery. The Abbot proceeded to make a drink with the berries and observed that it kept him awake and alert during the long hours of evening prayer. The Abbot shared the discovery with the other monks of the Monastery, and word began to spread. 

Satan's Drink?

At the time, Christianity was rapidly spreading. Monks and presbyters would travel the ancient world to spread the faith, bringing some of the comforts of their native lands with them during their travels, berries from the trees of the coffee forests included. As it spread across the Arabian Peninsula, coffee houses began to spring up as places intellectuals would gather and discuss the world while sharing this amazing beverage. By the 15th century European explorers and voyagers would return home to Europe and speak of the amazing dark black beverage being consumed in Asia and Africa, bringing some of the berries back with them. It wasn’t without controversy though, as (with anything) it quickly became hated by many and dubbed “Satan’s drink”. It became so bad that Pope Clement VIII (The Catholic Pontiff was arguably the most powerful man in the world at the time) had to rule on it’s prohibition. Well, as it would turn out, the Pope loved the drink, bringing coffee to the vast European civilization as a common staple. It was here in Europe that coffee became the staple breakfast drink.


America's coffee introduction

As the consumption of coffee in Europe grew, kingdoms set out to begin planting and growing the berries to make their new favorite drink. However, they found that the European climate was not exactly ideal to grow it, thus they set out to begin planting, growing, and exporting from Africa, South America, and other regions with ideal climate conditions. Due to colonization at the time, this was rather simple as many Kingdoms including the Dutch, British, and French already controlled these areas. Coffee first made it’s way to North America when the British would bring it over from England to New Amsterdam (New York). However, as you can guess, tea was still the preferred beverage of choice at the time, but here’s where it gets interesting… When the British imposed higher taxes on the import of tea, American history changed forever. Remember the Boston Tea Party? Yeah, well that changed the history of American drinking preference, and as a result of everything (The American Revolution included), coffee became the beverage of choice for free America. 

Coffee today is a multi billion dollar industry, and we owe to a sheep herder in the Ethiopian Plateau. Now here’s the crypto component to this; as with everything that we know, love, and view as commonplace, it has to originate somewhere. Coffee began just like bitcoin did, with one individual trying something and spreading the information of the benefits. At CryptoBeans Coffee, we believe in the power of coffee, blockchain, and freedom to choose, grow, and thrive. More about this another time though, it’s time to make my second cup of Doge Day blend, a premium small batch production coffee blend. 

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