WAGMI. We’re All Gonna Make It. 

This is a common term used in the cryptocurrency world. It essentially means that regardless of the market conditions and the volatility of crypto, in the end, we’re all going to make it. Now, this obviously is subjective, but to cryptocurrency enthusiasts it’s usually true. Cryptocurrency has seen massive growth in the last 2 to 3 years and more adoption than it saw between 2014-2019. It started with Bitcoin and Ethereum really picking up steam and reaching incredible ATH (All Time Highs), causing mainstream media to put more focus on it. All of a sudden cryptocurrency wasn’t just for young computer savvy people anymore, it was for everyone, which was the point of it from the very beginning. 

Market volatility is nothing new in crypto, with many crashes have happened throughout it’s history, but it always roars back and more often than not roars back stronger than it was before. Crashes, while they’re unnerving, also create opportunities for newer people to onboard into the market at reduced rates, making adoption even more fruitful. We can’t ignore the fact that crashes also cause a ton of FUD (Fear Uncertainty and Doubt), which can shake even the strongest of enthusiasts if persistent. Google searches for “Bitcoin is Dead '' have gone up tenfold in the past few days, with Bitcoin seeing lows of in the $17,000 range, a far cry from the $69,000 ATH experienced in 2021. FUD will always exist, it’s natural for some people to react that way, especially those who have overleveraged themselves both individuals and companies alike. 

All of this is a natural course of evolution, growth hurts sometimes and old systems die hard. Cryptocurrency and Blockchain technology are the future of global finance, and there’s no escaping this fact. Things have to crumble before they can get rebuilt to be stronger than they were before. We’re All Gonna Make It, but no one said it was going to be easy, did they? There’s something to be said here that is important for everyone to read carefully.


A lot of newcomers into the space believe that this is their shot, their lotto ticket to a better life, and while investing in cryptocurrency can be a great opportunity to build personal wealth, it’s also a very risky one. Take the time to understand your own personal financial situation and health before investing in anything, stocks included. We advise you to sit back, have a hot cup of small batch production premium coffee from cryptobeanscoffee.com, and learn the markets before jumping in!

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