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ETHspresso 12 Count Cups

ETHspresso 12 Count Cups

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ETHspresso is our darkest roast premium coffee. A custom blend of Africa and Central American beans, it has luxurious dark chocolate notes, and an exceptionally smooth crema finish with lingering hints of sweet berry. Formulated for espresso lovers, it can be enjoyed in your latte, or as a rich dark roast brew of any preparation. Like its namesake Ethereum, ETHspresso is ideal for pairing and is the perfect complement for a chocolate grenache or crème brûlée! 

Our premium coffees are always selected, blended, and roasted in small batch production for the freshest product. 

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What Grind Should I Choose?

We recommend ordering whole bean and grinding at the time of consumption for the freshest brew, but understand many people prefer the convenience of pre-ground coffee! In addition to whole bean, we offer drip and fine grind. For automatic drip, pour over, or Keurig preparation, choose drip grind. For espresso machine preparation, choose fine grind.


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